Argos: Red

Extra large balloons.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Chile
Creative Director: Christian Quintana
Head of Art: Edison Saravia
Art Director: Juan Pablo Gaete
Copywriter: Michael Honeyman
Retoucher / Photographer: Josefina Pro

September 2008


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Ok. Large balloons have nothing to do with creative advertising. Please. Stay real. Do something real. We live in reality for christ sake.

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Yes, finally some one said it!!!! Yes, let's stay real, no more fiction movies, or tv shows about something not real, no more star trek movies or X men or action movies. Please no more fun, because reality is boring, and advertising should be as life itself, right? So why ads should be fun, is that what you are saying?

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What would be better? Some kid with a big ballon saying that the ballon is big??? come on!!!!

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very simple, very great idea !!!!!!
just artdirection is a bit boring.
where are the colors???

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I don't get it. ????

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The colors are gone to emphasize on the pink balloon inside the house. The copy says extra size balloons so the balloon appears to occupy all the space in the house.

The idea has an attempt to be a good one but a failure on the execution. Quite very subtle and boring imo.

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maybe a last stretch (or pulp) of balloon tip at the chimney may help.


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U R RIGHT!!!!!

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I love scam, but balloons???????????? Who in god´s name is advertising balloons??????? Are you trying to avoid getting compared to all the bubble gum ad´s which work with the same mechanic?

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just write
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but i mustsay approach is very creative...

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Doesn't the house have any floors inside?

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Yes! there was something telling me this ad was forced.. thanks.

Cannes festival, make people doing rubbish.

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a total loser!

| Everartz |

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oh. wow. extra large balloons. thanks.

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just exactly what i need for my birthday!!!!!

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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An advertising campaign for f**king balloons, right... (So and so f**king SCAM)

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The art direction needs to be pushed a lot on this campaign, for me this would have been better if the roof and the walls looked like they were about to burst at the seams or at least have the windows breaking, it's just not giving me the extra large idea that well.

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A lot of advertising we do these days dont have their foot grounded, like blown up balloons am sure.
U dnt need an AK 47 to kill a mosquito...

Take care guys. Also please let us know what the brief was for this work.

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