Area 23 Portfolio Review: Show us you're nuts, 3

You're invited to show us you're nuts.
We’re looking for the biggest and brightest–with a big kick of crazy. Show us everything you’ve got because we see different, differently. AREA 23 is excited to welcome you to our first-ever onsite portfolio review. Some of the most creative minds in the pharmaceutical advertising industry will be on hand to review the work of newly graduated art directors, copywriters, and graphic designers.

Advertising Agency: Area 23, New York, USA
Creative Directors: David Adler, Tim Hawkey
Art Director: Charlie Rategan
Copywriter: Ryan Goldberg
Published: May 2014

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Love this. #rmgmemorial

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Not digging the typography or idea at all.

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I don't think there is an idea, Marcao. It's just a bad attempt at a "provocative" headline attached to some "quirky" imagery.

But then again, these guys work in pharma. So "show us you're nuts" is probably edgy to these guys, but it's the type of stuff I was trained not to do in my first few years in the business.

Also - 15 votes for this campaign? I'll assume that the people at the agency are visiting this page, voting for it.

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agreed! this should be remained in-house poster.

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Yeah you have to be nuts to ride a turtle like that.

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i agreed, it's just idea less series of ads. that should be stay in in-house campaign.

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Summertime Secret
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if i got this invitation,i would be there. LOL

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