Aquila Heights: Umbrella

Mr. Bandhopadhyay separated from his umbrella on a windy morning.
Live in Bengaluru's tallest residential towers. The luxury apartments come with the finest of amenities and recreational facilities. And the name Tata comes with years of trust. Sounds good? Call us on 66478800.

Advertising Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: N.Padmakumar (Ncd), Devesh Desai
Art Director: Devesh Desai
Copywriter: Nilesh Naik
Photographer: Sanjay Sakharkar

December 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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It's too minimalistic, I don't think it works. Also, the copy might serve as a horizon, making you think you look the scene from the side, not top.

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I completely agree when you say it's too minimalistic. I love the concept and think it's extremely innovative, but the images are too small. I had to use zoom on my computer just to see them.

Great concept though.

I imagine the print would look different in standard size too.

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I think perspective is ok. And it has to be minimalistic. Thats the building style.

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not often nowadays one sees ads that are minimalistic and they say simple ideas are hard to get.....this campaign, i must say is outstanding....winner!!

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It's kinda giddy when I looked at it. Nice Idea. Related to Aquila

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Its great.

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very nice, just the copy/copy layout?


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Love it!

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great campaign. people who find it 'naa' probably stay on the lower floors. this is a clear winner.

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