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i really like this campaign but i think they coulda found a picture of a guy in his office that looked a little bit more like an aquarium

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(This comment is dedicated to the lovely ellehcimeo)

Scott shrugged as he watched the dandelion attack the city. The crumbling buildings reminded him that he had better call his mother before the Striking of the Glass Peanut. He wondered why his mother would put so much effort and love into raising her precious, deadly, skyline dismantling, giant dandelions. He was lucky to even get a card on his birthday. How Scott hated those mutant dandelions. Hated them so much he felt like peeing. In fact, that's exactly what he did. He stepped outside into detritus and carnage, unzipped his pants, whipped it out and took the best damn piss of his life, right onto the dandelions. They swiftly killed him, but his territory was already marked. No one messes with Scott Benoit. No one except giant mutant killer dandelions. And his mother. Bitch didn't even show up at the funeral.

I've decided to lift, and to separate.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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Exactly cool idea.

-Where is the impossible?


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Nice to see you back Joseph Campbell!

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Joseph Campbell
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Thank you.


I've decided it's nice to be back.


I've decided I hate signatures.

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nice concept. but the reflection of the clouds is too much making me feel like he wants to quit his job to be a pilot.

another version looks emotionally better somehow.

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