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What's happening here..?

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I'm really puzzled... Please help me out guys!

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I think he brought the fish for a little entertainment.

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Oh, silly me. Thank you

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The magazine is about fish...and gosh where is guy looking???? an ad should give some creative punch and convey some idea to the person about itself. Sadly this does the opposite.

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Can't get it. Is it so that woman is doing striptease for a fish? please help

"selling is advertisment"

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Emran Hayat
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after reading ths aqua mag ppl strt taking care of fishes.. so he bought her fishy to strip club :P

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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just write
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well this a lil confused... if he is so crazy then he is should look at fish not at some stripties. the idea would have been clearer

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