Aquafresh: Tongue

Advertising Agency: Grey, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Art Director: Daniele Dagrada
Copywriter: Claudia Bavelloni
Post production 3D: Rumblefish

April 2008


Enas's picture
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is it green coz of stinky breath?h...or is it fresh like green apple?? im confused

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postman's picture
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I guess it's for "mint flavour". But as ice is known for damaging your teeth, I don't like the concept at all.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
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No, they're talking about a mint-flavored tongue scraper on the toothbrush. But I'm not cool with the popsicle visual for such a product.

mondo's picture
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why ice?¿?

overthewater's picture
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Cool and refreshing sensation. A treat to your mouth?

Bassel.Siblini's picture
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I think they meant that aquafresh will make your tongue as fresh as a popsicle and minty...but it doesnt look very icy. They could have improved the visuals.

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