Aquafresh: Dirty toothbrush

How clean is your toothbrush after 3 months?
Learn everything about the hygiene of your toothbrush at

Advertising Agency: G2 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Steven Bodoux, Jeroen de Snoo
Art Director: Jeroen de Snoo
Copywriter: Steven Bodoux
Photographer: Paul Rietveld
Strategy: Ge Key
Published: July 2010


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very creative

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The toothbrush is okay, although she should buy a new toothpaste, it's disgusting!

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i hope you can try, in little bit better way...

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Eduardo Cruz
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the toothpaste looks like a caterpillar

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i have a question
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Caterpillar it is.

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That's the idea, brainbug!

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makes me puke...

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the brush is not dirty as they assume!

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the thought of having this creature on my toothbrush is horrible, but it's just as it is: just have a different look at your toothbrush when you're about to use it... simple, but very creative in my opinion.

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Going with Dzois on this one. She's cute and all, but the idea I'm taking away from this visual is: "Dirty/old/nasty toothpaste." If you take the copy out it's not really making you think anything bad about the toothbrush, now is it? The toothbrush actually looks pretty new to me. Am I missing something here?

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but still teeths are good, clean and white only. so what?

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Too bad you can't read the second line, because i'm quite sure it will explain why there is a maggot on the brush. Like the idea though. Perhaps the maggot should be less subtle as it is now...

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Nothing special..

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Strange..why is she smiling?

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Miss Copywriter 22
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the maggot should have been illustrated better, then it wont cause confusion.

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Confusing. The maggot shape resembles the Aquafresh icon shape down on the ad. One might mistake that Aquafresh brings maggots

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tis looks like stock image?

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GROSS, but still achive its purpose!! WELL DONE GUYS!

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