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false, it's better to run straight ahead b/c their eyes are set on the side of their heads, they can absolutely not outrun humans on land, most croc attacks b/c the human did not see them

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Crocodiles are actually ambush predators. If they don't catch you in their first strike they will give up and leave you alone, so their is no real need to keep running.

The rest of the series is fairly nice, not the most original but nicely executed.


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I've actualy heard that they can outrun humans on land and that the zig zag thing is true.

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Hm...I like this campaign but this one is not working because the direction of the line. It isn't clear enough.

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well...if a person run in zig-zag, but the croc still run in straight line...the croc will still maul the person with ease.

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but the croc doesn't know you're running zig-zag. he thinks you're running left and tries to follow, than right and tries to follow.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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i like... and liar, were u jerking? u gotta be an engineer to think that way :)

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