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I loved this campaign.
maybe could work better on animal planet or natgeo. but it`s fine.

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I think its good too, loved the way they put the tips.

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I liked it, im not very knowledged in advertisements but this is new to me heh

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What is Aptivus doing? I mean, what business are they involving?

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In some credits it was in pharmaceutical category. But no idea what it is.

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I looked up Aptivus online. It appears to be an HIV inhibitor. It's hard to read what the subhead says. Maybe that point is communicated there.

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Good ad, wrong product and somehow the orange bar ruins it a bit for me.

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This is just great work! and there are good advices that everyone can benefit from... the only thing im wondering about is that why theres a glowing sun in the BKG of each ad?

| Everartz |

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Get chased by bears often do you?

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Whats Aptivius?

Is it a running shoe?

Sorry but I don't like it.

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Have Heart
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I think these ads are absolutely worthless, because I still have no idea what Aptivus is. And the idea/typography isn't overwhelming enough to make up for the lacking link to the product.

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I like the idea, but the whole thing is pretty choppy. The art direction should be cleaner and simpler. And reverse white type on a pale orange background looks nice - so long as you don't actually want to read anything. By big bug is with the copy, though. It sounds choppy and doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Why say "bears' shortened front legs lower their centre of gravity when descending" when you mean "bears have short front legs which makes it hard for them to run downhill."

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Shut Theory
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i agree with teenie about the "too much scientific" copy, but generally the campaign is: im giving u advice on how to stay ahead of the monster, the monster here is HIV, and act(whatever) is the advice...

but out of curiosity, do bears live on mountains?


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