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i mean...isn't this THE most cliched idea for:

1. newspapers
2. magazines
3. credit cards
4. men's clothing
5. women's clothing
6. (your entry here)

i'm quite sure there's something more than can be done...

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Jeez, I didn't notice the yellow tag until I went to the next ad and saw the pink one.
Does that lose the point they're trying to make? Perhaps I'm just blind. I thought it was something to go with the girls red coat, like something out of Schindlers List.

Fail Harder.

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Perhaps in a real printed double page press ad it is more obvious.

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Boony wants a beer
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Highly doubt it. I agree with Smartkani. I thought the message was somehow revolving around the girl in red. Shocking art direction.

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the girl inside the bus shelter...is that a dildo in her bag?

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Boony wants a beer
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I'd be very impressed to see a girl use a dildo like that.

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pls help me too 'IVAN'

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I nearly missed the yellow tick. though, i guess that's the idea, the girl's bright coat and that dildo loaf of bread is too distracting.
nice thought nonetheless.

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