Apple iPod Shuffle: iBike

Advertising Agency: Cap Q, New York, USA
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Steve Quint
Photographer: Stock
Published: 2008


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Crap spec.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's definitely a good idea- just not on brand

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Great spec. I love this ad.

Apple should buy it from him and run it. The idea totally fulfills a strong brand promise by simply working better. What a delightfully simple strategy: "Show uses. Fit uses into user's lives."

The campaign works because it saves me time. The ads target me effectively then they get right to the point. They remind me how road music fits into my life, and they do it in a few, simple strokes. The campaign is as plug-and-play as the the whole brand is.

I've posted about it at my blog:

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you would fit in very well at microsoft or p&g but you don't know shite about apple or advertising.

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Wow!, tell us how you really feel... a little harsh for a "professional" ad blog. Don't you think. We are creatives and entitled to our opinions along with common courtesy and professionalism.

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I like these a lot.

Off-brand? Point it at the iPod/Nike product. Perfect match.

spec/scam/fake or not, I think this deserves a nod.

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good job, simple & clear

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rubbish ad

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totally nog apple

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Another fucking viral

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This is not a good ad for iShuffle. Merely showing the chord around the lake - what is that trying to say? That you can listen to music all the way round? So what? I would bloody well hope I can listen to music all the way round the city when I pay money for an iPod. This ad doesn't get to the gist of what the Shuffle is about - juggling music as you go.

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Nice Ad.. Good and genuine thought... as simple and as general it can get.. targeting people who cant do their daily cycling or jogging or relaxing without their fav. tracks....
keep it up....ignore these harsh comments my dear creative person behind dis Ad.. u did a good job.

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