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Took me a few minutes to realise the bee was carrying an apple slice... I had to look at the second ad in the campaign with the toast.
Cut so thin, even a bee can carry it.
Nice idea, but could have executed it better by making the apple slice more obvious. Maybe it just needs one or two more pips?
Or maybe it's just my poor laptop screen and on paper its more obvious.

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you're right, there's no chance to get this without having seen the other ads.
i thought this was just a bee sitting on an apple (would be quite lame as an ad for a knife...)

we saw much better ads for this brand

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Naah... I think the dat is the idea... If u make it thinner, Idea will be lost.

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pretty expected


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whats a bee gona do with an apple?

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The wasp would probably do the same thing as you would do with an apple.

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theassailante ... i think the bee is gonna eat the apple... :)
anyway same concept and different interpretation for all these ads...
nice in general

| Everartz |

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i think what theassailante was trying to say is that bees usually don't carry around pieces of what they eat (like ants do) but rather suck the juice out of it.

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wasps carry around what they eat - they cut it even into smaller pieces and return until the whole item is transported

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Good idea, but only the ad with the bread is understandable. The execution could've been much, much better.

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Lets send the story to Discovery Channel!
Apple Eating Bee found in Germany

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Fail Harder.

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I reckon it's cool, I got it instantly.

Doesn't need the line though.

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