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Is it really what you're looking for when you buy that kind of threadmill: more space???
Besides, I don't think three times the same visual makes a campaign.

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Kinda funny idea... But I agree w brainzed... This ad doesn't sell the machine.

It could also work without the headline.

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I agree with you... It's a really creative idea but maybe for a other product... such as for a bowling game on your x-box or so...
and it really makes the idea weak after you have seen it three times in a row.

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The idea is OK. But why three pictures for the same ad. Looks like they couldn't choose one.

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Interesting art.

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seeing the thumbnail made me think this was a male enhancement ad. somewhere along the lines of the building popping a boner.

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yeah... That's what i mean... It's just the wrong product. imagine... it would be a great ad...

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when I was looking at the 3 thumbnails my first thought was "tank"... ads against war or somethin.
I don't like the photolook of the "campaign".

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