Vibe's picture
230 pencils

i have headache reading this bitchy bad ass handwriting. I get the point just by reading first Few paragraph, i get wat you guys up to man. Cut the crap! Original but boring guys!

satan's picture
181 pencils

Say it in a sentence " what a trash"

Ranjit's picture
2 pencils

Novel Antithetical idea; "Stands Out".

instinctive traveller's picture
instinctive tra...
189 pencils

You guys don't want this ad to be read? I'm a fan of long copy ads and when I clicked to view the original, I could hardly read it. That's some font you've chosen. Perhaps it reads better in print. PERHAPS. But that’s a bad choice of font nevertheless. All that effort at writing and…

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

if i was a smoker i would just quit to avoid reading this. or maybe i would just turn the page after reading the headline.

truecopy's picture
400 pencils

Long copy doesnt work too well for means of public awareness. You have to shot them (smokers) in the head to get attention.
Disgusting and controversial is what they need.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

geeque's picture
4 pencils

This is an amazing idea. I'm so glad that we have a few honest people left in advertising. Absolutely love it.

firozi's picture
2 pencils

Refreshingly different ad. Point well proven -
smoking really doesn't get you anywhere. As
mentioned by others - font maybe bad - but that's
just the point - this is what smoking does to

All in all an ad which gets the message across.

abbie's picture
2 pencils

Great concept - eyecatching -
makes you want to give up smoking!!

natster's picture
2 pencils

This kicks the ass of all those ad agencies that have won awards for non smoking ads. Stylishly written too.

poo la la's picture
poo la la
4 pencils

Have half of these ppl even read the ad? If they did, they wud know that it's not an anti-smoking ad!
And truecopy, how much more truthful and controversial can an ad get? It's brilliantly written.
Great art too. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Lorem Ipsum's picture
Lorem Ipsum
49 pencils

Is it coincidence that geeque, firozi, abbie, natster and poo la la all became members of AotW within one hour of each other, are based in India and are all falling over themselves to praise the(ir own) work?

truecopy's picture
400 pencils

That is my opinion. Didnt say u have to agree with it.
Just an example, Im a smoker and I work in Ad and guess what - i would "glimpse - turn the page"...

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

agree to truecopy, it didn't grab attention at the first glance, no matter how great the contents is, it is not easy to let people to look for longer time, and i can't read the text :(

Leonardo Pastacaldi's picture
Leonardo Pastacaldi
32 pencils

I didn't read it, like 99 percent of the paper's reader. Copy's masturbation, waste of money.

kc_brock's picture
703 pencils

a journal of a depressed copywriter?
this is not an ad.

what a waste of time.


mariatherese's picture
6 pencils

This is NOT an anti-smoking ad. It's self promotion... why else would they have their agency name on the ad?

The target audience is people like us who (supposedly) understand good advertising design, so it makes sense that we would be more willing to read long copy. For those of you that didn't, how long has it been since you picked up a book or read an entire news article? Shame. I think the long copy is WONDERFUL and REFRESHING.

However... good point about it not being eye-catching. I think the headline is the problem. Reading "This is an anti-smoking ad" makes me NOT want to read it. I think, "blah, blah... another anti-smoking ad... turn the page." One doesn't realize that the ad is actually interesting once you start reading it; that it almost contains a short-story-like quality to it.

This problem could have been solved by perhaps making the first line in the copy much larger, a lead-in. It's that line that starts to grab me. Or do away with that headline altogether; basically find a way to portray that it is a FAKE anti-smoking ad... so it sparks your interest.

As for the font, yeah its not great, but I kinda like how its hard to read... it feels more effective... but I'm not coming up with any way to explain that thought.

Oh and I imagine no one will ever read all of this comment, either. What a pain it is to actually read something nowadays, isn't it? It's a funny to think that maybe some people out there actually enjoy reading words. For those of you who have made it this far, kudos to you.

geeque's picture
4 pencils

V willy winkle, i don't think you get it. I agree with Maria, that's the reason why these guys have put down their names on the right hand side of the advert. Are you in advertising or are you one of those painful clients who dont seem to get the big picture. If you don't get it, move on to something simpler.

Petruk G's picture
Petruk G
6 pencils

Hey guys,

This is an Anti Smoking ad, supposedly written by a smoker (and purposedly that copy is bad and unreadable). Due to the smoking habit, this person can not even concentrate, that is why he/she burn the paper. Beside it is been said that smoking may impaired your vision.

Desi's picture
1052 pencils

I read the first line of the ad and it shouts the real motive of the ad. To win an award. Also since when did we need to shag our 'Homosexual Creative Director? Are Anup Chitnis, Rensil D'Silva homosexuals? Ha ha.

And the last line "I am off to lay a french bitch', well i don't wanna comment on this.

I didn't bother to read between the lines :)

Skor's picture
208 pencils

don/t worry, desi... I did that for you... you really didn't miss much...

and really... WTF?? please, someone explain this ad to me... why was this done and to achieve what??

a lot more to say but i'll refrain...

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
433 pencils

can sum body pls tell me where i can read this ad,

John Matthew's picture
John Matthew
6 pencils

If these guys worked for me, I would send them right back to school. Students do far better ads. Please, don't post such stuff out here.

ivan's picture

I'll try my best.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

swat's picture
357 pencils

and every ad your agency did has won awards?
Atleast appreciate the art direction. i think it should be in here just for the Art direction.

And the whole tricky, witty one-liner headlines didn't stop any smoking. This one atleast makes you think that there's something more to say and looks like written by a smoker.
As said earlier...truth sells.

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

Wow I've got to print this out!

It's is the perfect decoration for my toilet paper!

deadline-walking's picture
79 pencils

So we thrash the life outta all the award winning anti-smoking ads and create our own award winning ad.

WHAT's THE BIG IDEA; if second-hand smoke kills - what does the first-hand do?

thelionaspirant's picture
143 pencils

Look at the numbe of comments this ad has garnered. Doesn't it say
something about this ad. To me it really stands out, therefore the umpteen number of comments. The art work's simple yet awesome. Like most of the people i also
found it hard to read the font but doesn't take anything away from the ad.
Really like it. O&M Bombay Rocks.

vijaygandharva's picture

brillliant....really zmoking...genuinity u can sense above all....

jingwei's picture
150 pencils

Seriously tho. I seem to think it's targetted at creatives who started smoking cos they think it'd make them more creative. In that case I suppose it works.

But I'm still a bit blur on the message here.

Is it "smoking doesn't make you creative?"

or "Anti smoking ads are for awards?"

The font is not really inviting to read. But it is very well written. It stinks of Neil French's style though.


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