Answer, online insurance services: Planting

The good thing of having an insurance with answer is that you never have to stop doing what you want to do.

Advertising Agency: Dialogo Publicidad, Argentina
Creative Directors: Mariano Haefeli
Art Director: Mariano Haefeli
Copywriter: Daniel Alfieri
Photographer: StudioWallace, fotografias
Producer: Juje
Postproducion: DCH Studio, Diego Chiliano
Published: May 2008


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Nice retouch.

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Nice idea.

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Ed Mintone
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muy bueno

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Let me get this straight: Because you have good insurance you can close the garage door on your car, completely smash it, and continue your gardening?
Either I'm way off or these need to be rethought.

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Marcela Cáceres
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It was an accident, she didn't do it on purpose... She trusts her insurance so much she goes on and plays with her daugther, and doesn't worry about the car.

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It's so not true! Bad idea

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some people do the same

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The Pope
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nice, neat, not too good thoug but neat.

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