Answer, online insurance services: Fishing

The good thing of having an insurance with answer is that you never have to stop doing what you want to do.

Advertising Agency: Dialogo Publicidad, Argentina
Creative Directors: Mariano Haefeli
Art Director: Mariano Haefeli
Copywriter: Daniel Alfieri
Photographer: StudioWallace, fotografias
Producer: Juje
Postproducion: DCH Studio, Diego Chiliano
Published: May 2008


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Nice photos. Good insight. Solid campaign.

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Nice. Not sure that it'll pick up - but great to see that hard working campaigns are submitted to this site. I'm a bit fed up of seeing Singaporean type ads with no copy / tiny logo / off brief and brand but funny idea - that you know no actual client would ever sign off on in a million years.

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Ironic and well done. I like it.

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Very good.

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Why would you want to park your car in the water to fish? I'm sure there are other things you would want to do, knowing that your insurance covers you.
This one, not so much.

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Marcela Cáceres
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They had an accident, they didn't do it on purpose... The trust their insurance so much they go on and fish, and don't worry about the car.

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Dude, whats the thing about wondering just EVRYTHING!, its preety obvious that he didn't park it!!!!

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Image is well done. Copy needs editing, though.

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Muy buena campaña. Comunica perfectamente la promesa básica.

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Exelente trabajo.... Felicidades

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hahaha, funny

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hm forced

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It`s an exelent campaing.

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