Answer: Fairies

The ideal world does not exists, the ideal insurance, does.

Advertising Agency: Dialogo Publicidad, Argentina
Creative Director: Daniel Reynoso
Art Director: Mariano Haefeli
Copywriter: Daniel Alfieri
Photographer: Matias Posti
Published: May 2009


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shyte photoshop job.

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The unicorn keyed the door?

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esto no pasa, esto si, gastadisimo recurso!!!!!

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Exist, with no S.
A little bit random, or? It works for insurances, for bananas or for chewing gum.

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nice art work

Live with Passion

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Great look for both ads, but the grammar has issues.
"exists" should be singular, no 's'.

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didn't understand the ad..can someone tell me?

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does not exist. no s.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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the ad looks good..but i can't understand it. Can someone explain it to me..

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What? In an ideal world, a bunch of hot nymphet fairies would distract you while their pet unicorn scratches your car. What are you smoking?

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the ideal idea exists for an insurance company....but this is not it.

I think; therefore I am

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nice photography, the retouching is bad tough

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the art is really beautiful in this ad.. better than cupid

| Everartz |

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Exactly WHO'S idea of an ideal world is fairies and unicorns? I'm thinking more more wars or poverty and suffering etc... It's a bit disconnected.

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Yeah, 'ideal' here doesn't match well with what is seen. Even though, the other one with cupidon is better...

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I think they're trying to say that the ideal world you imagine, a very oniric world, does not exist. Wich means that even then, even when you're there, shit will happen to your car.

They failed delivering that idea. But keep trying!

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the idea is mediocre, and the art should have made it kind of funny or impressive but it's a complete fail

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just write
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The idea is great. but it's not unique.. I mean i can say... The ideal world does not exists, the ideal wine, does... isn't it...

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done this 5 years ago with hyundai stafe..

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clayology com
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The idea is quite cute....and for sounds more like..'dont worry...we're there!'..Nice!

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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