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Nice. Really, really, really nice. All 3. The best part is even looking at the thumbnails I knew what they were for. The idea is perfectly represented here. It visually represents the absolute grip aspect without doing something cheesy like duct taping them or chaining them to the gloves. Also the visual white/yellow balance is perfect.

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simple and great!!

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Love the idea, but this is the poorest execution of the campaign.

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nice campaign - thumbs up!!!

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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very simple & clever

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this one is the only one I don´t like. it seems like one of those metal things people use to punch. the others are ok

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This campaign is good overall. I'd say this is the weakest one. The photoshop job is a little funky on the handles of the cup. But nice concept!

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

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Jakarta Jack

Great campaign! Love it.

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love the campaign, but this doesn't look real...

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i like

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Love the idea.

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These are very clear. Good art direction...
Like 'em a lot.

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very nice...

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