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E-boy again…

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Crisp One
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seen this execution done when I was in school, done better too.

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Since its pixel art, why not the flasher as well?


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it's futurama with no air traffic.

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Es impresionante como tanta gente cree ser superior todo el tiempo, es una falta de respeto.

Es donde nosotros debemos respetarnos a nosotros y a nuestra profesión y calificar un arte, además de todo arte de un illustrador, tratando de fechar, el fechador es temeroso de pasar de moda, a no ser que...

felicitaciones, una gráfica hermosa, se da paso a otra lectura, se habla bien y con dos lenguajes que combinan perfecto siendo tan distintos, muy bine logrado.


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True, pixel art can be considered old news.
But so is JB's Sex Machine yet that still seems to work for a lot of people.

We do know this about the french state employement agency: it's damn conservative!
What was their previous campaign ?
Most likely a bunch of tired gettyimages smiling faces.

So this MUST be a huge step for them.

Pretty, fun to look at.
So it ain't new, who cares?

Remember, the key word here is not art, it's ad.

I say well done guys.

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Agree, this is not art…
But it would have been so much better if they had used an unknown illustrator, or found a new style of illustration.
Maybe they showed an E-boy illustration to the client and he just wanted to stick to it.

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I saw this e-boy pixel thing soooo many times... vodafone, etc... boring!

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Haha Domo-kun 8D.

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