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Sad but real. We don't want to see this, but it is the truth.

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how could u see yr self as that skinny i would just be happy wat ever i see in the mirror and stop thating people juge u.

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anorexia to the point - well done.

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Simple and sadly true. Well done!

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chintan ruparel
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hmm... true, bt i dont like the layout, i reckon th impact could've been double, with better execution.,

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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OK. The ads tell me what is anorexia (in an obvious way) but nothing about the society i should support (like what is their role? breaking the mirror?).

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Tim Weasle
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Well I would say it's pretty bleak if you look like that chick and always see the fat bitch in the mirror... So give these damn people your support...

Simple and does not need all that much over analysing.

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see, this is the reason girls think they are fat. you FUCK. society and fuck heads like you tell them they are fat when they truely are not. not being healthy is one thing, but this girl is beautiful and you need to be knocked down a peg or two.

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the thing is, the girl in the mirror, the one Tim Weasle calls a fat bitch (nice attitude btw), isn't really fat. she's cute.
is this real insight? there is no call to action. there is no "here's what our organization is doing to help" i'm certain that the problem isn't just the view in the mirror. for these reasons, i give this ad a purple raspberry.

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Tim Weasle
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Come on, tell me you wouldn't need a few beers before hand?

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no. i wouldn't. i'd make out with her, she's got beautiful curves and soft looking skin, nice hair.

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Yesss definitively they´re just showing the problem in a pretty plain way, there is no mention about solutions or how to help or call to action or anything. I´ve been bulimic and I recognize how I used to percieve myself in this ad but nothing else, doesn´t really tell me it´s inadequate or there´s a way to make things right.

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I'd give it a green raspberry, and a yellow. Wtf I'll eat the whole lot.

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of all the ads, i think SLIM should be commenting on this one.

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no connection between the copy and the visual...

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it's not about anorexia. it's about eating disorders. the skinny girl who wants to be fatter, the fat girl who wants to be skinny.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I think everyone is being a little too picky. THis ad gets the message across clear and simple. THis is an organization that supports people with eating disorders. Why does it need a call to action? If you aren't the kind of person who is going to donate to this organization, then a call to action isn't going to change your mind. You either understand from this ad how much of a problem this is, and how it affects the sick person's mind, or you don't. ANd if you don't care, you don't care - saying 'donate today', isn't going to make you care. It doesn't need that message. I think this is very strong.

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okay. this ad says "support for people with eating disorders". so let's say i had an eating disorder, if I look at this ad am I supposed to say "hey, that's exactly how I feel, I should look up this agency and get some help"? there is no website addy given, no phone number, nothing. to me it's now like "so what".

looking at this again, it is unclear what the message is. do they want support? is it just a message to let the general public now that there is an agency out there to help people with eating disorders? are they successful in their helping? how can you get help from them? are they even legitimate... i'm probably going too far here.

right now, to me, it's a mildly scary photo of supposedly what is going on in this girl's head.
how is the ad strong? and i'm not being a jerk here, you know i think you are the cutest ever. i want to know your opinion of how it's strong.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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you're right actually - there is no contact info, which would be necessary if I was going to donate money or find out more information. I thought it was strong because it's just so devastating looking. I suppose I was analyzing it more from an emotional human being's perspective, rather than a person in advertising (who many people would argue is not human haha). Basically, you're right, ha, and I hate to say that I concede. I still don't think they need a call to action, saying donate today, but they definitely need contact information.

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you are right too. i no longer think it needs a "donate today", mostly because i don't know what the ad is supposed to do. i was pushing my own imagined agenda on the ad. maybe that's what it's supposed to do? and maybe that's why it's a good visual?
i think alot when i see an ad. and i don't put myself in the target most of the time. i'm usually thinking critically when i see ads, so i'm not looking at it as a non-advertising-industry person. that can be a problem. i'm also very self involved... can you tell?
-asside- you ever talk to the homeless guy who hangs out near your smoke hole at the Second Cup? he's so interesting.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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haha, that's where I smoke actually, and yes, I'm quite chummy with that old guy. He's very funny - doesn't seem like he should be living on the streets. He's always making me laugh, then he asks for change haha.

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LOL do you ever wonder if the model in the mirror puts this in her portfolio? She was typecast as what an annorexic girl would find ugly. LOL

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I do wonder! but i guess it shows range? kind of like how people must feel who are the models for ads for herpes medication.

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Is this a real print ad? Looks like a fake. It's a screenshot from the movie, isn't it? The quality of the photo is very bad.

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powerful stuff that although hard to look at, needs to be told. If just one girl gets help because of these ads then they've done their job.

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I believe this was done by Dieste Harmel & Partners in 2005 in a TV format. Won some awards too...

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wow, it's so obvious. i'm impressed

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Surly creative ...
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Are you guys kidding me??? It's so obvious because it's been done a thousand times. I saw this EXACT thing in my son's health book almost 15 years ago. Literally...a girl that was skin-and-bones standing in front of a mirror, where she sees herself as big.

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This is obvious and boring, where is the creativity and insight in this? Ok girls with anorexia think that they are fat… guao…

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sorry to say so, but it was already done by Clemenger BBDO in 2005. Soon to be seen on my site :

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yeah that is a gud way to prove ur point
but i don't get it why gurl starve themselves
jus so they look better it pathetic
sure they wil get skinny but it don't look gud at all
GOD made then thaat way becuz he's got a plan 4 dem
and dey cant accept dat its stupid
and they wanna look like dat u should kno u going to far if u can friggin count all the bones in ur body
well pce i'm owt

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Guest commenter

THIS IS DISSCUSTING please go eat a hamburger and tell me how goood it is(;

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Wislon Jones

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Shouldn't the person she sees in the mirror be fat?
Because that girl sure isn't...
But it is still effective.

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simply and retared

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Ladies your too beautiful to do this to yourself, your not fat. your never going to be happy if you keep hurting yourself. If you feel your over weight, eat healthy and exercise, dont stop eating, you can loose yourlife.

Yours Truly, Mercedes Reed

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You get that image from a Christina Aguilera video.

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The girl in the mirror is not fat at all,(her stomach is flat!!!) if I wanted to be picky, I could say, ok her arm looks plump, she has larger thighs, but so do I and my arms are very hard to tone, so who cares, The fact that they would put that image as her "fat self" is the very reason why women have this problem to begin with, if that is fat, then I don't know what isn't, because I sure as hell am not going to look like a starving model or celebrity, no thank you, my thighs should be bigger than my arms. And anyway, most guys state that they prefer a curvy, healthy figure. what is wrong with some people?

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shes not fat
the fact that they would use the girl in the mirror as her "fat" self is why gurls do this to themselves
if youre going to show an image that would be considered as "fat" or very overweight as these girls see themselves then use a larger girl.

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That is horrible...the girl on the other side of the mirror is not fat at all... THAT girl is what we should be considering beautiful these days..not those unhealthy skinny women they show in the media. This girl is beautiful she is unique, normal and "natural" and for someone to put an add out like this saying that, that girl is considered fat in our society, is exactly why women and young girls are hurting's truly horrible

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oi tanbem temho

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younno what sucks,everyone is calling the girl in the mirror "fat" ,im the same size as her so i guess im huge too!

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