August 2008
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A cartoon with a blond Japanese kid and a Japanese girl with big eyes. And you thought everyone looked the same in Japan.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Brasil
Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues
Art Director / Illustrator: Fabio Onofre
Copywriter: Rodrigo Strozenberg

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Yeah, the redhead, Asuka, is German. She's also not even the main character - the other two kids (Shinji and Rei) are a lot more important in terms of plot. Of course, I think Asuka is the one most people want to sleep with (yeah, for some reason, they like the insane, violent and illogical 14 year old, go fig).

And the guy, Ichigo, doesn't have blond hair, it's bright orange. Hey, did I just prove without a shadow of a doubt that I'm a big geek? :)

I like the artwork, I find it very pretty, but I don't think it really ties in with Evangelion or Bleach. And yeah, as above, the copy really proves that the people doing it didn't care for anime and haven't watched the shows at all.