Animals Australia: Recipe, 3

Advertising Agency: Loud, North Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Andy Firth
Art Director: Darren Seddon
Copywriter: Joe Van Trump
Photographer: Adrian Lander

October 2007


David Hasselblad's picture
David Hasselblad
120 pencils

Ooooh that looks tasty!!!

Barbara Agatha G.'s picture
Barbara Agatha G.
70 pencils

I am sorry, but this looks delicious.
I want one of those dead animals roasted like that. Now.

elMarto's picture
23 pencils

Hahaha, wow, this made me sooo hungry! damn, and I had breakfast like 30' ago!!!
Sorry, but ohhh nuoooo.

I think you could avoid the use of a picture like that. What if you try with the dead part of the animal?

cullers's picture
332 pencils

"There's nothing appetizing about Australian factory farmed pork" except this delicious picture of factory farmed pork. I suppose the image is supposed to draw you in and the text should repulse you. But it’s not working for me. Tasty, tasty pork. I WISH my pork roasts looked this crazy good. I wonder if Martha has this recipe?

cocochiller's picture
146 pencils

Yea, this definitely makes me want to eat MORE meat!

gnose's picture
16 pencils

See what I mean? These guys need to go back to the drawing board.

jideel's picture
30 pencils

I don't know why, but for me after reading the text I did not see the pork as tasty as at first sight. May be for me the words/imagination has more impact than the visual.

Guest's picture

I was disappointed when there wasn't a real recepie.

Alexey007's picture
2 pencils

These dishes look great! I really love meat based food, and I find these images quite hunger generating. I recently had some bad experiences why cooking, and I could not understand why I wasn't feeling that well.
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If you over heat teflon coated pans, to 260 degrees Celsius, you get the risk of releasing that chemical...and this is a risk not worth taking.
So although teflon coated pans are easier to use, they imply high risks on our it is advised that they be used properly.
So I want to warn you all, that no matter the dish, even indian dishes
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