Animals Australia: Recipe, 2

Advertising Agency: Loud, North Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Andy Firth
Art Director: Darren Seddon
Copywriter: Joe Van Trump
Photographer: Adrian Lander

October 2007


Chris's picture
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I feel sorry for the pigs, but that pie still looks dam appetizing.

monicamexico's picture
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You need stronger negative headlines to combat the nice photos. The first one was closer - about the piglet.

raverus's picture
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looks yummy, makes me eat more

Pete2's picture
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Turn the page.

Barbara Agatha G.'s picture
Barbara Agatha G.
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Guys, what do you think: what if some gruesome blood was pouring out from the side?
Maybe that would cause a more "ewww" effect, rather than a "yummy" reaction.


gnose's picture
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I suggested on one of the other ones that maybe they use a rather bland-looking piece of meat. Then the idea comes through that torturing a pig isn't worth a measly little pork chop. Gruesome blood pouring out of a nice-looking dish is also another solution, although it might make some too disgusted to read the copy. The only other solution I can think of using an illustration of food, like the old 50s cookbook style.

It's a shame--this is such a great concept and great copy; I really hope they can come up with a better visual solution.

STRTLRS's picture
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What is the deal with people here today? Nobody seems to get this simple, well executed campaign. They're not trying to be gruesome, it's about creating awareness and asking pork eaters to choose wisely. You draw your target (meat lovers) with a succulent dish and then shock them with facts about their indulgence. All without offending anyone. It's a very classy. This probably ran in some high-end culinary publication.

I think, therefore... yeah.

Skor's picture
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I really do not get what everyone is raving about.. this ad is mediocre at the most... So, I see a beautiful picture of yummy yummy food... and Im hungry... The name of the dish sounds like something real exotic... something A jamie Kennedy would come up with... and in all honesty, when we go to a fine restaurant, do you really know where your meat comes from?

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