Animales Sin Hogar: Donations, Dog 2

Help us find a hound dog a home
0900 9027: $20 / 0900 9028: $50 / 0900 9029: $100
Animales Sin Hogar.

Advertising Agency: Suárez&Clavera / D'Arcy, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Federico Petersen
Art Director: Maximiliano Opizo
Copywriters: Federico Petersen, Sebastián Genolet
Photographer: Maximiliano Opizo
Additional credits: Natalia García, Paula García, Alejandro Falero

August 2010


Dzsoi's picture
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Soooo in case of a piggy bank we collect money for a pig? Interesting, never knew that...

atb2005's picture
13561 pencils


Collecting money for pig?? I think once again you are reading way too much into things. This is a metaphor.

Great ads!

Dzsoi's picture
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I know it is a metaphor, my dearest friend. All I was saying this metaphor does not work perfectly smooth as it is not very precise. It is similar to that "don't SMS while you drive" ad with the SMS-tattoo on the cow. There is a dog on the picture, there is "collect money" on the picture (hence the piggy/doggy bank), but there is no valid story, no coherent idea in it. An interesting visual, I give you that, but concept is not clear if there is any. It's the case of 'merge things visually to make it unique and interesting'.

atb2005's picture
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Well, you and I would have to disagree again. lol The metaphor works fine. For those who might be confused, there's a copy.

Guest's picture

Agree with dzsoi. The piggy bank metaphor just doesn't work here.

Hiperion's picture
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It´s not enough for me.
Horrible campaign..

Rastamathamba420's picture
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muy bien... me gusta el concepto

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