Animal Liberation: Compact

Every year 6 million animals are killed from cosmetic testing. Please boycott animal-tested products.

Advertising Agency: Ideaworks, Australia
Art Director / Copywriter: Kevin Bathman
Photographer: Cris Cordeiro
Retoucher: Andre Matkovic

April 2008


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yun siang orangutan
298 pencils

Please do not waste my time. Done.

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Where can I get one of these?

chinaski's picture
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the iron piece at the end of the chain seems to be a bit in the air.

triqaziz's picture
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are you drunk...what are you talking and what are you showing

Davosk's picture
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The shadows are badly done with no depth which make the object look as if floating. Idea is ok, I haven't seen it done before.

Malala's picture
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don't get it. what is this gadget and what's the message?

Malala's picture
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not a good photoshop job.

Eyot's picture
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For those that are missing this one, the image is of a compact (female make up) embedded in a bear trap (the kind of device that hunters leave in the woods, waiting for a bear to step on and get his leg caught).
They are considered the cruelest kind of trap since they cause severe pain to the animal and are indiscriminate as to who they target.

The fact that this needs any kind of explanation says it all. Bzzzt

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For those who know about the cruelty posed by poachers and trappers this ad will make a lot of sense. Others can be made curious enough to ask relevant questions. Eyot above has given a clearcut picture.For the kind of wide subject it is dealing with, this is a good ad.


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Shadow could have been better! But i like the idea :)

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