Animal Anti-Cruelty League: Mop

Stop the abuse.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Directors: Cameron Watson, Tariq Bailey
Copywriter: Aaron Harris
Photographer: Bryan Traylor

November, 2008


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okay this one is just funny. i can't take it seriously enough to think about abuse.

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art direction comment: stick behind dog makes him look like a 'mop'.

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which doesn't 100% (to me) equal 'animal abuse' there's too much to read into the picture - there is no immediate indicator that the dog is meant to represent a mop that is 'used' and 'placed out of sight and mind', etc. first impression can be simply that the photographer forgot the stick behind him - and that the dog (being abused) is simply trying to hide in the closet.

overall though, good concepts.

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Agreed. The soccer ball and the chain post are so obvious (it hurts) but this one isn't clear at all.
Especially if it is the only one I've seen. Other than reading 'mop' on the website header, it wouldn't be clear at all that's what it was meant to represent.
Overall creative good - this one weaker.

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john ler
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An did you notice that's the same problem with the soccer ball one? The posture of the dog makes it look like... a soccer ball ! Or maybe this is the concept ? ;)

Anyway, thanks for your comment, it makes me love my account managers...

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what the hell is it with these retarded user names?

and what if the dog / mop was seen as standalone image - would I be 100% expected to 'see' the fucking 'mop' metaphor or the 'soccer ball' or the 'fence post'?

Oh right, where you work all adverts for a campaign, etc are all placed in the same magazine at the same time so it is 'obvious'.

The comment was fair if that was the 'first' reaction he (or she) had without seeing the other parts of the campaign.

Good observation, pork_fucker

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what's funny? look at the image without seeing the other pieces and without reading the 'mop' headline. what is the idea? why should i see it as a mop? it just looks like a scared dog hiding

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love the concept, the other one is a lot more powerful than this one. Have to agree this one is a bit funny!

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i like these. they're smart

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how can anyone like these. They're retarded.

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This campaign is about as forced as a Zimbabwe election.

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