Animal Anti-Cruelty League: Chain

Stop the abuse.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Directors: Cameron Watson, Tariq Bailey
Copywriter: Aaron Harris
Photographer: Bryan Traylor
Published: November 2008


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Weakest of the bunch. Seems like the initial idea was the soccer ball and the other two were forced in there to make a campaign.

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like the concept, though the picture is not attractive at all.

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muy bueno.

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i found that dog like "virtual"

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Exelente la iniciativa, felicitaciones por lograr trasmitir tan bioen la crueldad que algunos animales sufren.
Vivan los animales, pero que vivan en libertad.

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Amazing advert, but the dog looks like in 3d or may be in plastic. This picture has been taken and the dog has been placed into the artwork. Look at the shadow of the animal when compared to the other shadows of the concrete poles.

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Bad photoshop.

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Blair Semenoff
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A lot better than the soccer ball one!

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I totally agree with the advertising campaign and significantly do see the point to the ad and design, I do agree that the photoshop could simply be adjusted a little bit clearer, however, I find the campaign context very straight forward, and too bad I didn't come up with the idea myself!

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I think this is a very good ad campaign- the message is clear, the graphics are detailed and very descriptive, I would touch up some of the photoshop however the piece captures your attention, to stop and think, ....very eye captivating

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