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bigbadfatmadafaka's picture
Activity Score 486

never seen this before i like it....i dont like the copy.

Tron's picture
Activity Score 174

nice idea, bad art direction.

Chough's picture
Activity Score 147

How would you do it differently?

Tron's picture
Activity Score 174

The illustrations not great. Renaissance styled illis would make this idea sing. think that the moody lighting and rich textures would add more depth, at the moment these illis look like cheap water colours. would have even considered shooting these and illustrating over the photograph with a chirosquero technique.

Menomena's picture
Activity Score 52

Please, leave in peace religion.
Using saints and sacred items for this kind of ads is really bad.
And what's worst is that these things come from an indian agency.
Usually they are really careful with their religion.
But maybe they think they're allowed to joke with other religions...
Shame on them!

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082

Okay, Menomena.
You're becoming repetitious, boring and... religious. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Tron's picture
Activity Score 174

who throws a shoe?

Minimum's picture
Activity Score 1490

or a stone

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

like.a.boy's picture
Activity Score 227

mosquitoes = vampire?

msred's picture
Activity Score 491

LOLOL mahn good stuff.

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