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Have Heart
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Okay thought, but I'm not sure about the line.

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I like it a lot!

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this is actually not bad. if only it weren't the worst scam i've ever seen.

crash testing saves lives? research finds cures? fucking gets someone pregnant?

what's supposed to be the objective of these ads? to sell more crash test dummies? to encourage people to crash test their cars? to solicit thank you cards from the public?

please. this is an insult to the intelligence of everyone here.

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On the website ancap.com.au you can chose your car, or a car you're thinking of buying, and check how it fairs in the crash testing ratings. This surly is a good thing. They crash the cars we drive (or thinking of driving) with dummies (like Tracy) so we don't purchase cars that are not upto scratch and lose our lives. Or at least give us a better chance of survival in an accident.

So I like it. I think you'll find ads that use equipment such as crash test dummies, which are obviously the real mccoy in this case, are worth in the region of $20,000 plus each. Couldn't be a scam.

But you never know you could be right but my instinct is that this has run.

Good idea the ANCAP rating system. I'm in the market for a car. I'll be definitely checking up on the models I'm interesting in. So I think I can 'SAFELY' say that these posters worked for me.

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does one have to buy the dummy to shoot it?

when you're buying a car, are the crash test ratings your first consideration? doesn't that come later? and don't you see that in the car manufacturer's brochure?

i would have bought your argument that it's sort of a public service campaign to encourage people to buy safer cars. but how else can you interpret 'crash testing saves lives?' it's in praise of crash testing, saying something we already know. (or do you?) it doesn't even allude to ratings of cars in the market or 'check out how different car models fared'. even the copy near the logo and website just says 'crash testing for safety', which, again, we already know. what else would crash testing be for?

this has no new insight and no insight for those in the market for a car.

is this your work? you were so eager to post your defense of this stupid, well shot scam you clicked on 'post' three times.

ok, i'll buy that this ran. but i doubt this had a real brief or a paying client.

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Tracy , I Just wanted to show you something I came accross in the MX publication here in Australia as I was traveling home yesterday evening on the train (see attached press ad under the other execution). I think you'd have to agree this is not a scam ad and that your first comment…'This is actually not bad' stands. And that your judgement was a little off this time.

Well done Marmalade, nice work!

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[not interested]

Seems stupid to shoe crash dummies at a funeral, but it all seems worth it.

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Something's wrong.

Ok, the big idea is to perlace the car crash victim with dummie...

I guess the product is - that, thank to crash tests, you're not affected by the crash shown in the ad...

But this ad doesnt leave you unaffected, the car crash here still looks like a tragedy - and i think its bad here... The offer is unclear.

I'm sure it can be explained, but I'm just listening for my sences...

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Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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Almost there... try a more clever copyline

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clever visual, bad copy.

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I think it's funny. Dummies die for the benifit of rating a car's safety.

Not nearly as bad as of some those witless comments suggest. Back to your retail ads, juniors.

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Pretty good.

I lie it alot, and can see it would be campignable.

We're going to need more lube.

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STOP crash testing. Crash testing kills my friend dummy :)


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Boule... ca veut rien dire ce que tu as mis là...HAHAHA!!!

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who is this speaking to?

who are the dummys mourning?

i presume the person inside the coffin died in a non-crash tested car... or not???

sorry i don't quite get this.

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Nice try but it doesn't work for me.

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