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1720 pencils

Not sure about the art direction and the retouching even for the animal.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

brighteyes's picture
58 pencils

The copy isn't very clear to me.

sneakyhands's picture
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why is this a movement? are the trees in danger? i'm so lost.

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Three art directors for this ad? What on earth were they doing? Probably drawing boobs on their layout pads until five minutes before the deadline.

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Crisp One
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Copy_Can's picture

Holy S*** - 3 ART DIRECTORS?!

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control C
108 pencils

Probably one of the worst ads ive ever seen, ever.

fandino's picture
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I think the art direction is intentionally bad

CGilb09's picture
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The quality of this ad looks below amature work.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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Mr. Positive
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Cutting down cork forests to process in a factory for wine bottles is the preferred solution?

And aren't we depleting those forests because of wine consumption, which is why a lot of Vineyards are switching to rubber corks and screw top bottles?

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You don't cutt down a tree to make a cork. You just take the "skin" out. The same tree can produce several corks in its life time.

I'm Portuguese, I'm called Miguel and these Ads SUCK hard!!!

(No, I don't need to be safed... yet)

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Fire the typographer.

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piet miller
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Let's make things complicated.

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I deeply recomend to analice the work of the tree "art directors" it loock more like a primary school work, and if you have to explain all is because you did not get to the point with the image it self.

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this takes home a Grand Prix in the complicated copy category

brain123's picture
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Yeah, and a Gold in the crappy art direction category.

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Ice Lenny
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It has taken me 28 mins to understand the message, I take less time choosing wine. Repair that copy.

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There is no typography.

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