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439 pencils

Really great.

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Charlie Pratt
427 pencils

No critique on these. Very sad.


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this ad has it propuses verry well done


Know let's show it to the right people...

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Strong image - definitely gets the point across.

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me thinks
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Sad but effective. Good one.

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Big Friendly Mo...
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Really cool! Brilliant Ideas! Love the campaign!

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deacon -54-
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Holy haunting visual batman! Sad ad (but by sad i mean good)

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open the doors oneshow!

天边的白鹭's picture
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I love Erik Vervroegen!!! He is so great!!

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the guy that loves Erik doesn't really know him.
About this visual and the others,everybody have the same feeling,a great campaing but maybe to much photoshop in it...but this is Evervroegen who takes de final decision,not the cretives.Some of them had a different idea about how to make it but GOD is GOD and nobody can't tell him he is not right...so,a gold lion just shortlisted because of him...I love Erik Vervroegen¡He is so great¡

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