Amnesty International: Superman

Super Heroes don't exists.
Only you have the power to protect human rights. Buy a candle.
Amnesty International

Advertising Agency: Air, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Marie-Laure Cliquennois, Gregory Ginterdaele
Creatives: Julien Scouze Riviezzo, Sébastien Stronghead Verliefde
Account Director: Julie De Smedt
Agency Producer: Marie Libouton
Photographer: Gregor Collienne

January, 2014


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BUTT crappy ads like this do....

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NY Belfry
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I don't think its bad, but I don't think its good either, it just feels unrelated and maybe too comedy centric for the thing its advertising.

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i didn´t know...

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juliaa robot
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