Street, La Paz

August 2010
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"Irony" is a campaign based on documentary photographs that shows different zones of the city, in this photos you can see the contrast between the landscape and the names of each one. Urbanizations such as "El Paraíso" (Paradise) or "El Placer" (Pleasure), witch described the goodness that each one offered to his citizens decades ago, but that has deteriorated with the pass of the years showing today houses without the proper conditions, insalubrity, delinquency, and other problems that are a risk to the human rights of all the community. All of these is the result of the indifference of the authorities and of the same citizens that reside in it.

Indifference turns reality into contradiction. Demand dignity.

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Al imbecil que se pregunat por que escribi mi comentario en Ingles:

Querido imbecil, este es un foro internacional y el ingles es el idioma en el que convencionalmente se entienden gentes de diferentes partes del mundo ( aqui escriben en Ingles, franceses, italianos, rusos, chinos y personas de diferentes nacionalidades para que se peudean entender unos con los otros). No me creo nada, solo uso un idioma que es - te guste o no- mas universal que el castellano. Pero a ti respondo en tu propia lengua a ver si entiendes.

La campana esta muy bien.