Amnesty International: Slavery

Advertising Agency: Walker, Switzerland


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Chain looks so easy to tear. It must be not so difficult to stop slavery.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Slavery. Bringing sexy back.

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Guest commenter

if that is slavery... i would love to have it back ....may be thats th idea or something

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yeah, this is confused shite.
it seems a more effective as an ad for naughty escorts. not the message i think they're after.
it's a lost opportunity to do something meaningful and great. shame on you switzerland.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I think it's a really cool perfume ad.

SLAVERY. A new fragrance from Lancome Paris.

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jpl, for once i agree with you. or at least admit that i agree with you.
have a good weekend.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Well, I don't agree with you, Burns. Never have.
Especially that Bon Jovi comment you made. That was uncalled-for. And you know it. Excuse me if I don't wish you a good weekend...

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you from jersey or something? never mess with the boss or jovi with a jersey dude.

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such an emotional subject without emotions....

extremely boring.

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R. Rinaldi
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Extremely bad.

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yun siang orangutan
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Well, not bad.

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Every little shiny bit of gold, represents slavery…hard-hitting & appropriate.

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Is it for gold trafficking (the bracelet), brand name ripoff trafficking where the ripoff items are made in sweat shops (the shoes) or for human sexual trafficking (the sexy woman)? I am just confused.

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so what is the product ,

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hehe...good one.
who doesn't wanna make her slave ;)

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Cheap idea, ugly toes..

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wtf is this?

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failed communication.


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What the hell were they thinking??

What does this got to do with THAT:

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