Amnesty International: Human Piano

Living Harmony.
Amnesty International

Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
Executive Creative Directors: Ergin Binyildiz, Mustafa Baripoglu
Copywriter: Cem Cetin
Art Directors: Ismail Koc, Bulent Sengul
Account Supervisor: Omer Ustundag
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ela Esra Gunad
Account Manager: Celine Kaya


alausa's picture
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I recommend checking the site, made a lot more sense to me after seeing it.

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
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All those dismembered fingers are a bit creepy.

alex_vazhnik's picture
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I agree, nice idea but visual part needs improvement

jackie.rose.9693's picture
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It'd be more interesting in a horror film.

Sabbir.vai's picture
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The idea in itself is nice. Harmony and the piano reeds all go along without question. BUT, single fingers without the complete hand IS a bit creepy. And somehow reminds me of a psycho thriller. The first thing came into my mind was "SAW".

Then again, largely depends on who the audience is. But from a general consumer perspective, not much of a looker


kleenex's picture
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I like the idea.

kleenex's picture
35368 pencils

I like the idea.

Picky1's picture
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Harmony ? It looks weird. Like cut fingers. Ugh

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