Amnesty International: Gallows

The campaign brings to life the very real risks that novelists, essayists, philosophers and journaliststake everyday by just speaking their mind. It is a visually arresting and dramatic defence of free speech.


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Not bad... if im not wrong, it more says a death for the readers... as readers are the main users of the page marker, not author.

e.g. Something with a pen might have worked better... See this >>>

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Good point above. I like the ad otherwise. I mean you get it.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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Simply superb

Love creating ads..

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good but its over exaggerated.
I dont know anyone that hanged for his writings.

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Don't take it too literally. The hanging rope symbolizes death.

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Nice Idea but it's an already done trick !

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It says, read a book and save someone from deathrow/hunger/suicide.

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Klara K.
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I agree. WIth an open book the focus is on the reading, not on the writing.

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The campaign copy was in fact saying 'escape with a book'. In btw I agree with Running Pie's point: an open book leads you to the reading more than the writing.

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First idea.

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Show me the money
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Sorry. First comment ruined your ad.

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Well done.

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