Amnesty International: Fashion, Expulsion

Forced expulsions are still fashionable.
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Advertising Agency: TBWA/Paris, France
Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noel
Art Director: Mohamed Bareche

March 2010


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i think its an interesting take on the subject not very insightful but interesting because we probably think that its not happening as much anymore.

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Agree with you... who said that you are a kid? ; )


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less engaging. this sort of ad needs to be framed in a funny way. i dont think this is funny at all (comparing to the previous one)

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This ad needs to be framed in a "funny" way? Can't believe you said that. Actually none of the images is even remotely funny. That aside, domestic abuse, brutality, etc are not topics to be used in comical ads.

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It doesn't have to be funny,U r funny enough

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this is the best one. good campaign.

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I agree with atb2005, how can something like this be taken lightly?? This isnt a comical campaign anyway, its social responsibility which is obvious since its Amnesty International.
About the ads, quite a sad picture but not sure how effective it will be. A good attempt at spreading awareness but not very action oriented in my opinion.

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the police one is my favourite for the execution

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this is probably the worst campaign i've seen for amnesty. i would really like a link to something more.... what's the word for this? something less than this.

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and it's probably the worst post i've seen on this site.

Can you give me your definition of a good campaign ?

You don't even know what you're talking about.

It's amazing to see how stupid you are...

Maybe you were in a bad mood when you wrote this post, or maybe you wrote it the day you found your girlfriend in bed with another guy..

What's wrong with you man???

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