Amnesty International: Electric Chair

Death to death penalty
139 countries have wiped out the death penalty. Only 58 are left to convince. Join us at

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France
Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noël
Copywriter: Benoit Leroux
Art Director: Philippe Taroux
Producer: Mecanique Général
Art Buyers: Barbara CHevalier, Dorothée Dupont

November 2010


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Fantastic art, nice campaign, 8/10.

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Well, to begin with, I don't agree with the brief itself. Death penalty is a tough thing, but considering people who deserved it have done something terrible, be it rape or killing, or both .... I believe it's important to keep such fair punishment for the sake of keeping order.

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Stick to the ad, you scary freak Never heard of innocent people that got the d.p. Heck now I'm discussing with you, we are here to discuss advertising and nothing else. Twunt.

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Nice campaign. These pictures are taken from the video:

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Marlus Lau
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Agree, good campaign. Interesting how they've managed to work the logo idea in the art.

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"Death to (fill in the blank)" crowd telling anyone how to act? No thanks.

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Brutal art!! Message delivered!

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why should we against death penalty, they're not there for nothing, they frankly deserve it

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The Unfulfilled...
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Anonymous Author
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Very good.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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ayoba work

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First guest > Mistakes happened, and still happen today. For those who are innocent despite of everybody think, death penalty is unfair.

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This forum has absolutely nothing to do with whether you agree with capital punishment (or 'the brief' as "Guest" put it), it's to do with campaign effectiveness, surely. And this is a great selection of work.

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I am not sure... it's a controversial issue, it's not the only strategy to take the elimination of death penality as a positive achievement beyond question. It's a matter of target audience selection (part of the brief) and that is included in advertising as an early and very important step.

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I love it!
Great work!

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finally genuine idea

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finally genuine idea

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so strong.

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