Amnesty International: Dictator

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Southeast Asia Regional/Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Steve Hough
Creative Directors: Sumesh Peringeth
Art Directors: Sumesh Peringeth, Brandy Vu, Linda Pham
Copywriters: Steve Hough
Illustrator: Tran Thanh Truc
Photographer: Pier Laurenza, Teo Studio
Published: 15 March 2008


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'postman topless dictator' is how i first read this. the actual version makes much more sense.

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Nice line.

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Guest commenter

come on. Amnesty deals with serious issues. This toungue in cheek shit doesn't do their cause any good.

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Guest commenter

I like this campaign.
I disagree with the one who said it's tongue in cheek shit.
They explain the program to me well enough with a bit of cleverness to involve you and remain on your mind.

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ripped off from ffffound. have some shame

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this is a nice one campaign

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