Amnesty International: Darfur rape, 2

Stop the daily rapes in Darfur.

Advertising Agency: DDB Budapest, Hungary
Creatives: Holly Fleming, Giovanni Pintaude, Rodrigo Fernandes

April 2008


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Cool like it.

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wow. This is really powerful, it sucks you into reading the whole thing.

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Very, very good!


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Abra Cadabra
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I really like these. But don't all four ads say the exact same thing (in almost the exact same way)?

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luk beyond d copy guys, the issue is serious...........great work nonetheless..........

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a Great thinker bring this Great issue, and a Great Creative gave a Great copy. and than it becomes a Great with the help of Great Photographer & Great Art Director

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jungle boy
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solid! very powerful...

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PAAWERFULLL! the typo is amazing, the photography soul all gr8 work ...hope this is powerful enough to stop the atrocities

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What can i say! Its awesome, its powerful and relays the message across.
Great work holly and the team. Keep it up.
I was so beaten by the typo, its well thought.

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