Amnesty International: Countries, 4

Amnesty International fights for the complete abolition of the death penalty all over the world and has an enormous quantity of figures that show the real situation today. In 2011 the number of executions was alarming, despite the fact that the number of countries that practice capital punishment has decreased by more than a third over the past ten years. Our goal was to communicate the significance of the figures on capital punishment very visually and simply. To do this, we created different graphic resources that helped to explain each message, using the names of the countries as a common, informative element.

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain
Chief Creative Officers: Carlos Jorge, Félix Del Valle
Copywriters: Carlos Jorge, Félix Del Valle
Art Directors: Raúl López, Aurora Hidalgo
Art Buyer: Javier Luján
Account Supervisor: Leticia Gutierrez
Client Services Director: Paco Ribera


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Nice art direction

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I agree.

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I hate when i don´t get it. Or am i lazy?

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mitali prasad
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even im not getting the ad,,:(

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Nice looking.

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Okay. Not great.

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good art, horrible ad.
copy doesnt explain the visual.

translation: "more and more countries are abolishing the death penalty"

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