Amnesty International: Conquest

If we could change history, we would change nothing. Let's stop racism.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Venezuela
Creative Director: Ali Armas
Art Director: Eduardo Gomes
Copywriter: Julián Guarín
Copywriter: Jimmy Battaglia
Illustrator: Fernando Pinilla
Photographer: Pedro Primavera
Executive Creative Director: Fabian Bonelli
Published: March 2009

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Was this even about racism? I think they would've done this to about anybody.

But I agree on "Let's stop racism."

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If it wasn't racism, then why did they travel all over the world and kill, enslave people of colour? They could have done this shit in Europe.

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well, they've done that also in Europe. It's called war. The idea is to dominate the other and take his wealth.
Racism is more a result than a cause.

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Wih Racism I believe they mean the general hate for other races/cultures or the considering-them-less. The problem with this is though that it's very, very humanly.

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If given the chance to change history, why not change it to the better, instead of twisting it.
That's a weak concept in my opinion.

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What they are suggesting is that we can't change history... so, let's just stop racism now. Meaning it wouldn't matter if the roles were reversed, it is still racism and it is wrong!

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Like the idea. Like the execution.

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I'm with you! Smart work. Upsets some folks, but they should question why.

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But that's still racist... not a very well thought- out campaign.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's just you. You hate everything.

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So the same ad executed a different way still makes no sense.

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These Ads didn't follow the brief......they're so contrived because you can argue them down and find fault, they don't settle easy or make me agree with them, i only follow because racism should be stopped and i was raised properly, but it isn't because these Ads persuaded me!!!!

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really lost by the copy - but the visuals are good.

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They're making a statement about people who re-write history. Like white supremacists who say the Holocaust never happened, for example.

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