Amnesty International: Amnesty's flame is in danger worldwide, Middle-East

Amnesty's flame is in danger worldwide.
Defend it. Buy a candle or make a donation.

Advertising Agency: Air Brussels Belgium
Creative Directors: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Art Director: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Copywriter: Quentin Watelet
Photographer: Marc Paeps and Stock images
Published: October 2009


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Main idea is ok for me. Putting water guns in politics hands is quite funny and gets to the point.
On the other hand - putting water gun in soldier's hand who is about to shoot someone, seems rather ridiculous, and makes campaign just stupid.

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Never stop helping Amnesty - this is the message, and it's ok.

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I don't agree with you - the message is - never stop donating and helping, fight never stops.. This campaign is ok.
Btw, pozdrowienia.. :)


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89 pencils

Ok - that is Your point. But what would You do, if You see this ad on the street with no correspondence to other samples of whole campaign?
My first impression would be more like: "is this a kind of creepy joke?" As I said earlier: whole idea is ok - I have doubts only about this one.
Btw: na wzajem :)

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Hmmm Hmmm...Vous sentez ? Ça sent le mauvais ghost!

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puisque tu parles français je vais le dire en français :
viens faire un petit voyage en Belgique et tu verras si c'est un ghost
et si tu es belge, ouvre les yeux, tu verras les posters et n'oublie pas
d'acheter une bougie quand tu verras les bénévoles
bien à toi

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héhé c'est quentin? ou Marie-Laure?

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as usual the AI guys come up trumps.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Whatever one says, the politicians are just like a child, ignorant on what the outcome is. They use these weapons as toys. Back of my head just figuring out what Amnesty International wants to say war or donations. No donations and there is a real gun on your temple??? This is like asking with threat.The campaign is solidly negative.


everartz's picture
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this is stupid!

| Everartz |

nepstein's picture
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I think this is the least effective of the entire campaign.

silvi's picture
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la idea no funciona tan bien cuando le están apuntando a alguien con el arma de agua. Es cómico y pierde seriedad. Las otras ejecuciones son mejores.

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Sherif Hany
92 pencils

Vampire Creativity ...very bad :(

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i don't see this design as a call of peace because they pointed only on the middle east, iran and africa as if they are enemies. these series are a call of hate not peace because they show that some countries are good and other are bad (this is not right). hate the design , so ignorant.

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jai hind
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OK, but am i missing some countries as Israel, America, stupid stupid ad does not serve purpose of peace but yes it encourages hate, where the countries who are killing so many innocent people daily, or have killed them recently in the WAR OF TERROR are doves, oh man how i really am waiting for the day of judgement, :D

jai hind
art director

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