Amnesty International: Amnesty's flame is in danger worldwide, Africa

Amnesty's flame is in danger worldwide.
Defend it. Buy a candle or make a donation.


Advertising Agency: Air Brussels Belgium
Creative Directors: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Art Director: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Copywriter: Quentin Watelet
Photographer: Marc Paeps and Stock images

October 2009


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There's a thin line between Advertising and Caricature. This campaign seems to have crossed it.

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Completely agree! Although i like the connection with the line 'Amnesty's flame is in danger' i think the art is too forced for such a serious message.

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the is not bad. the execution is lame though. wrong way...
striking the point for amnesty may score it for awards, not the other way around.

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I do like this precisely because it did make me ask "what the...?" - I had no choice but to read the line. to me, that's what an ad really should do, it should force me to investigate further. this did.

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i don't see this design as a call of peace because they pointed only on the middle east, iran and africa as if they are enemies. these series are a call of hate not peace because they show that some countries are good and other are bad (this is not right). hate the design , so ignorant.

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