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eewwww is not the right expression to such nipples!!
about the idea its been used and abused....

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Maternal breasts do not look like that, especially the nipple. The babies face sums this ad up perfectly - "eeeew get my face away from this blatant soft porn I'm a minor for god sake!!!"

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Easy. I know via having a 7.5 month beautiful pregnant wife, that this breast isn't producing milk. The nipples don't look a thing like this Playboy version. If a company wants to use soft porn to market to mothers, especially ones that are lactating - well THIS AD, sure is how to do it. MEN aren't the target market here. So why are they showing soft-porn tit???

You obviously love a bit of tit in an ad. I happen to think it's low grade smut, aimed at mothers of new-borns - HELLO HUGE MISTAKE!!!

You're wearing your immature, horny, FHM, Lynx deodorant startegy on your sleeve.

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great concept.....and the beauty of the non-maternal...(if thats what people want to call them)... nipple and breast further enhances the theme of the ad...must say... awesome ad.

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