Amigos dos Bichos: Abandon, 1

Abandoning makes the violence almost invisible.
Don't let it become something usual. Animals can't speak, but they express themselves.

Advertising Agency: Oxxy Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcio Pelense
Art Director: Marcio Pelense
Copywriter: Fernando Duriguello
Digital artist: Fujocka
Published: Februrary 2011


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This one makes sense. Showing the abandoned pet in an urban or street setting sells the idea. Showing the other one in an interior home setting doesn't say abandoned to me. Unless I'm missing something. Nice photography and clean art direction on both, disconnect not withstanding on the "couch" version.

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To me, the one on the street doesn't say abandoned on its own either. I get that they're abandoned when I read the copy. Nice series.

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I really like these ads, beautiful art-direction and straight to the point message.
Both work for me, as a pet can also be abandoned inside the house if no-one pays any attention to it or cares for it.

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Beautiful series guys. Great art direction.

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Nude Copy
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do the ad need dis long a copy?

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Dingleberry Jack
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c reussi !

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funny. had to think of this campaign right away:

anyone else too?

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maayan poplavsky
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that ugly thing… very in the face the copy. they must have shame to make this. much in the face with the announcement that gained prize in ccsp. shame

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This one works worse in my opinion. I get "the invisible violence" not just becouse the dog is invisible, but becouse that invisibility could afford the dog pain. Exactly like it happens in the other one.

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Nice thought!

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