AMI: Stolen

As if it never happened.

Advertising Agency: Axis Ad school
Art Director: Steve Hansen
Copywriter: Sarah Comer

December 2008


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Guest commenter

the idea works. no bad.

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It's just so obvious a visual solution to a line that has far more potential.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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Roger Daly
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What he said.

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For student work this is alot better then some agency work on here..Good job (nice car 2)

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Guest commenter

great visual solution. The only thing is that it would be quicker if the car was in a drive way maybe?....right now its not all clear that the two red cars are the same car. the one in the background could just be some car parked on the street. People are stupid. The easier the better.

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Guest commenter

Dont agree.the angle here is alot more interesting then a driveway. Cars are more likely stolen in a public then from your driveway. Clear idea. I like.

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Guest commenter

Be good to see more executions like this in the campaign.

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Basic Message or Service behavior is true BUT idea and edit so easyyyyyyyyyyy!
For the target market, doesn't mainly direct to brand.

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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thumbs up, nice idea. Photo is also much better than the other execution.

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