AMF Pension: A Sparkling Future

For the Future

Advertising School: Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors: Rikard Linder, Mikael Dahl, Alexander Rehnby
Copywriter: Adam Strandberg
Photographer: Mikael Dahl

March 2012


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Why? or have I missed something.

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Yes, probably you have missed something. The company sells retirement insurance. So with that in mind it's quite clearer. And I do like the ad since it forces me to not just accept any statement, but to think for myself for a few seconds.

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I understand this is the work of students and encourage them to think harder about what people will understand by looking at this advert.

One of the best things you can ever do as a creative is show your work to people who hang around the office late, janitors etc. See if they understand. Or speak to random people who aren't your friends. Have the courage to find out if your idea isn't working.

The effort is there, but it needs to be thought out a lot more.

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If you know the product, the visual isn't hard to understand. But the line should make it easier...

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Sells nothing.

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This is not a 'stop smoking' add that it is showing an ugly picture of my future. This add might work for a toothpaste or a toothbrush or something like that.
The BEST place for your teethes is you mouth.l0l

I love to be criticized. Logical though.

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Hard comments for a student work....
AMF must be selling retirement insurance...maybe it should be clearer but i quite like this simple idea. Champagne, old folks!

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no.its bad

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its not bad :)

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It's not great. But come on… How can you not get it? I can see why some simply don't like it (I don't), but it's probably one of the easiest ads to understand on the entire website.

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Libor Oubrecht
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In these days exists better campaigns and implants..

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sorry, I don't get it. explain it to me please.

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really cool

You Are What You Expect

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Simple and clever !


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