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The objective of this project was to create a movement for all Americans to stand up and take control of (and call out) a growing problem: Poor grammar. We see it everyday: In Facebook posts, in emails, memos…and graffiti tags on the street. The print ads drive to a blog where people can post their own found mis-tags, as well as donate money to an urban language and grammar school. We used grammatically incorrect graffiti as our example in print ads because they are the most visible example out in public. The print ads drive to a blog, Americans for, that is a growing collective of misspelled and grammatically incorrect tags around the country that encourages Americans that find misspellings and post pictures themselves.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Chicago, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Bob Winter
Associate Creative Directors: Evan Thompson, Richard Fischer
Copywriter: Evan Thompson
Art Director: Richard Fischer
Director of Innovation: Matt Witt

February 2012


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Akshaya Singh
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One for the Grammar Nazis!! All for it ..

Amateur for life!

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Errrr... But this is not wrong grammar. It's a spelling mistake. Fail.


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I agree with you. More like a spell check than grammar check. Half fail I think

Akshaya Singh's picture
Akshaya Singh
162 pencils

Grammar Nazi, if I understand it correctly, is a term used for all the fools who try to correct the usage of English language on the web... The campaign is still good for me : ) ... though they should have covered the usage of "your" and "you're" too .... see that a lot these days :(

Amateur for life!

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observant vicky
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Dharmesh aka danny
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Could have done something like, "I didn't knew or She is'nt my friend." Grammar error is different than spelling mistakes.

Dharmesh Padia

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It's beeotch.

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I love the concept.

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