American Legacy Foundation/Truth: Lunch lady

WHUDAFXUP with milk?

Advertising Agency: Arnold, Boston / Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Executive Creative Directors: Pete Favat, Alex Bogusky
Creative Directors: John Kearse
Copywriters: John Kearse, Evan Fry
Art Directors: Arnie Presiado, Colin Jeffery, John Parker
Photographer: Greg Miller
Production Manager: Linda Donlon
Art Producer: Kathy McMann

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benjaminbrown's picture
439 pencils

No idea what this campaign means. Nothing.

oedipus's picture
36 pencils

what the f?@k is up with this campaign?

Kateter's picture
2020 pencils

two agencies did this? :o

I don't get what's it all about either. some explanation would be good.

malaysian tomboy's picture
malaysian tomboy
86 pencils

Bitter gourd.

jebus's picture
472 pencils

with these ads?

arthritic.servicing.director's picture
134 pencils

Pizza, please ... make the crust thick, please.

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

arthritic, do you really think you're funny with your pizza comments?...
Stop it, man, you're boring everyone!!
Just make an intelligent comment some times, and maybe you can get away with this fool idea, but no... the same bad joke over and over and over and over... jesus!

benjaminbrown's picture
439 pencils

I've looked at the site and I still have no idea what it means.

It looks like the rich middle-classes wasting daddy's money to me.

klaussnow's picture
1677 pencils

arnold and cpb are in bed together??

... its already been done...

Kateter's picture
2020 pencils

I checked and they've been together before on this project. like 2 years ago.

malaysian tomboy's picture
malaysian tomboy
86 pencils

Bitter melon.

hicksy's picture
4 pencils

cpb and arnold had the truth campaign a long time together. cpb was too small when they got this account and had to share. they still work together on this account.

adrianapr's picture
1238 pencils

milk, candy, bugs: what they have in common?
i don't know, don't get it either (I checked the site and still don't get it, sorry).
i also can't understand why are these in the PRINT section... maybe like cyber it's good, but as a print, my friends, not at all.

EGGO's picture
352 pencils

Oh good, so now I can say I hate both their print ads AND their commercials. The print ads stretches too far and the commercials are just annoying because of how they just invade everything thinking they're making a point when they're really doing absolutely nothing.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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